m. is for meredith


I’m a naturalist that grew up in North Carolina gardening and exploring the woods.  I love collecting unusual pieces from nature and creating elegant things out of the unexpected.  With a BFA in sculpture and a degree in botany, my studies continue to influence my work.   It is such a joy to bring more beauty into the world by making art and creating installations out of botanicals, found objects, light, and furnishings.  

I have worked for 20 years as an event stylist.  What's a stylist?  Well, if it's something you see at a party - it’s probably something that I like to be a part of.  From the original mood boards & layouts to the fine paper details, the botanicals, lighting, furniture, & props... my goal is to create a warm stunning effortless environment that speaks about you.  

In recent years I have fine-tuned my focus to Art Direction & Branding.  Offering full-service event design is incredibly rewarding, but it was time to limit the physical labor & broaden the internal vision & artistry.  While I love to create physical objects, I also love the larger design process.  Guiding & consulting for what the big picture looks like.  This means helping you make the decisions that make your event unique and cohesive.